We live in a time when budgets are being stretched to their limit, everyone has to do more with less, and you still need to deliver on promises to customers. That's where HLIND Transportation Management comes in and your worries go away. With more options than any other provider, the network to cover any freight, and the know-how to keep your supply chain operating at peak efficiency.


HLIND Connect, our distribution arm offers customized and unique distribution and last mile fulfillment solutions that guarantee total satisfaction, whatever the business need, including Transportation etc.


We go beyond simple assembly and offer a service truly sought after - assembly. Utilizing the latest in materials and skilled personnel, we are able to meet a wide range of requirements. We offer cost effective modular solutions that address all phases of the tyre and wheel assembly process. This includes tire pressure monitoring, automated weight apply for balancing, vision systems.


Warehousing services are at the core of our supply chain management solutions.Our warehouses have top-class Material Handling Equipment (MHE) such as forklifts, electric stackers, systematic racking system, hydraulic docking systems etc. managed by well trained professionals.


Single-source solutions keep costs low and accountability high, enabling rapid response to changing market demands. Speed up cycle time and reduce your combined packaging and distribution costs with packaging services from HLIND.