Why Join HLIND

HLIND offers a work environment that fosters entrepreneurship and a passion to win customers respect. It provides you not only with the challenging work environment right from the beginning but will also be working with some of the most talented, brilliant, hardworking and smart people in the Industry.

Our experience and results obtained through large-scale logistics, called production logistics, of automobiles have been steadily accumulated as precious assets, and we have achieved results in various areas that would be hard for other companies to achieve, including systems and packing & logistics equipment.

This is the exciting world of HLIND. We are an organization committed to our customers and our people, an organization that provides a challenge for the mind and reward for the soul.

We are working for the future with expectations and determination to achieve higher goals. Everyday, more than 2300 employees work together to make possible cutting edge service solutions to our customers.

HLIND focuses to enhance and ensure high performance and motivation levels through a proper performance Evaluation System. Only those Associates whose services are confirmed are eligible for Performance Evaluation System. Those Associates who are not confirmed in the service as on 1stApril will be evaluated at the time of confirmation on pro rata basis. It is HLIND responsibility to educate Associates regarding expectations and provide guidance & tools to meet expectations & if necessary inform Associates how their behavior did not meet expectation. Annual Performance review is the methodology where we assess all our Associates on the basis of their performance.

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