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Honda Logistics India Pvt Ltd

Since 1960, Honda Logistics has been engaged in the logistics of all types of parts and materials, not to mention finished vehicles, as a logistics company of the Honda Group.

Our experience and results obtained through large-scale logistics, called production logistics, of automobiles have been steadily accumulated as precious assets, and we have achieved results in various areas that would be hard for other companies to achieve, including systems and packing & logistics equipment.

We currently have a logistics network consisting of 33 corporations as bases in 12 countries including the United States, Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Philippines, Thailand, India, Indonesia, China and Taiwan, not to mention Japan. We have also been making efforts to foster logistics experts with global views through our overseas trainee programs.

What is required to deploy global and consistent logistics services now? Honda Logistics has a management system to pursue further improvements in efficiency and to synchronize individual activities including transportation, packing, distribution processing, and storage. In each section we use IT to optimize all the supply activities, allowing workers to visually check conditions of such things as warehousing and shipping, to flexibly cope with changes in customers ’demands. We always pursue improvement to meet customers’ needs and become a company that is expected to exist. We will improve our products through such constant research and efforts to meet customers’ expectations.

Please take a look at our high quality , unique services based on the 3S’s:-

.1'S - Speed (Improved efficiency),

.2'S - Save (cost reductions and environmental measures),

.3'S - Safety (security and certainty).

Our Skills

Logistics is the management of the flow of goods between the point of origin and the point of consumption, in order to meet the requirements of customers. The resources managed in Honda Logistics are the spare parts requirement of customers. Our three building blocks of organisation are Transportation , Warehousing & Assembly. The logistics of physical items usually the integration of information flow, material handling, packaging, transportation and warehousing. We do the rational planning in pursuit of low cost and high efficiancy. What are delivered is the TRUST , QUALITY & SPEED.