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Since 1960, Honda Logistics has been engaged in the logistics of all types of parts and materials, not to mention finished vehicles, as a logistics company of the Honda Group. Our experience and results obtained through large-scale logistics, called production logistics, of automobiles have been steadily accumulated as precious assets.We currently have a logistics network consisting of 33 corporations as bases in 12 countries including the United States, Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Philippines, Thailand, India, Indonesia, China and Taiwan, not to mention Japan.


Our mission is to effective business processes for optimum yield, maximum load-factors, customer service and reduced administration. All HLIND Logistics services are based on our Corporate Values : Delivering Best Practice. We never compromise on safety & recognize the importance of our business responsibilities at all times.


HLIND offers full traceability and stock visibility from part ordering to delivery on the production line, this is achieved with minimal manual intervention and the use of paperless systems wherever possible.

Company News

  • Honda Express Logistics India Pvt.Ltd changed to Honda Logistics India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Philippines has changed its name to HLPH.
  • TAIWAN changed to HLTW.
  • THAILAND changed its name to HLAS.
  • INDONESIA changed to HLIDN.